EHA2021 Virtual Congress FAQs

Below you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked EHA2021 questions. If your questions is not listed here, please contact us at

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Help! I didn't receive my personal access link. How can I access the platform?

When will EHA2021 take place?

In what timezone is EHA2021 held?

What will the EHA2021 program look like?

What do I need to attend EHA2021?

Can I access the platform on my mobile device or tablet?

My internet connection doesn't work, can I download or review content offline?

When does the platform close?

My question is not listed in the FAQ. Who should I contact?

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How do I register for EHA2021?

I want to register for EHA2021. What are the registration fees?

Until when can I register for EHA2021 Virtual Congress?

I registered for EHA2021, when can I access the platform?

I registered, but I can't access the platform!

I registered for EHA2021. Am I automatically registered for all live sessions?

I registered for EHA2021, what if I am not available during the main Congress dates?

I am part of a group and someone else has booked my registration, how should I proceed?

I would like to cancel my registration. What should I do?

Is it possible to only register for the YoungEHA Research Meeting?

I am a speaker at EHA2021, do I need to register?

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When does the EHA2021 Virtual Congress content become available?

When do the live sessions start?

Until when is the the content available?

When can I watch the on-demand content?

Help, I can't find the virtual exhibition!

I need help with the platform! Is there a user guide or video tutorial available on how to navigate the platform?

I miss physical meetings and interaction with my peers, what now?

I am a speaker at EHA2021, how do I access the platform for the live sessions?

What is the URL for the EHA2021 online platform?

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How do I collect EBAH CME credits?

How many EBAH CME credits will I get with this Congress?

Do I need to participate in all the sessions in order to receive EBAH CME points?

I don't know my EBAH account number. How can I know this?

I don’t see my credits in my EBAH account yet. When are the credits added?