Workshop on Grant and Scientific writing - limited seating

The workshops on Grant Writing and on Scientific writing are reconducted this year at EHA2023 Congress with limited seating. These workshops are intended for early career participants. The workshops will take place on Friday June 9 from 09:15-11:15 for the Grant writing Workshop and on Saturday June 10 from 09:15-11:15 for the Scientific writing Workshop. Tickets to attend these workshops will be distributed onsite during the YoungEHA Research Meeting (YERM) on Thursday June 8. Limited seating up to 50 persons.

Friday June 9 from 09:15-11:15

Workshop on Grant Writing:

Learn how to take the first steps to preparing a successful grant application, what is important when writing a grant, how you should start writing, and what the key parts are.

Special guest from the EHA Fellowship & Grant office, who will give us an overview of the large portfolio of EHA funding opportunities.


Saturday June 10 from 09:15-11:15

Workshop on Scientific Writing:

Learn the principles of how to read a scientific manuscript, how to structure a manuscript, how to deliver a clear message, and what you should avoid when writing a scientific text.

Special guest Prof. Jan Cools, editor of HemaSphere, who will give us first hand information on how to get your work published.