Key information

Join us for the Virtual Edition of the 25th EHA Annual Congress: "Unfolding the future!"

This what the new and interactive #EHA25Virtual edition has to offer:

  • A 10-day program from June 11-21, 2020.
  • On-demand and live sessions such as plenary presentations, award lectures, the presidential symposium and Satellite Symposia and Updates-in-Hematology organized by pharmaceutical companies.
  • Theme-of-the day live overview presentations and Q&A panel discussions.
  • A virtual exhibit hosting interesting content from the EHA industry partners.
  • In addition, all recorded sessions and new content to be viewed on-demand until October 15, 2020 for registered participants.

You are invited! Immerse yourself in the latest news in hematology and its subspecialties, new evidence-based approaches to diagnosis and treatment and unpublished clinical and translational research results, innovative techniques, diagnostic tools and risk-assessment strategies.

Our mission is to connect, support and harmonize the work of Hematologists in Europe and worldwide. We are working hard in transforming the 25th Annual Congress of EHA into a full virtual edition, in close collaboration with our partners, faculty and sponsors. Like its previous editions, the EHA25 Virtual Congress will offer original unpublished scientific hematology data, Hematological innovations and evidence-based knowledge of primary clinical relevance.

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Collaboration is more vital than ever, you can still rely on EHA to bring the hematology field together. Participating in the EHA25 virtual congress means:

  • Increase knowledge of evidence-based approaches to diagnosis and treatment for hematologic diseases;
  • Get access to the latest results on clinical and translational research in hematologic disorders.
  • Receive updates on emerging innovative techniques, diagnostic tools and risk-assessment strategies in hematology and its subspecialties.
  • Connect to a large international audience.


Technical information

To help you prepare for the Virtual Congress, please find below some technical information:

  • Internet browser: We recommend Google Chrome, but the platform is also accessible on Firefox, Safari and IE 11+.
  • Processor: There are no restrictions on processing power, if you can access you'll be able to access the platform.
  • Bandwidth: There are no restrictions to access the platform. However, it would be advised to have a 5mb/s connection to watch videos in high-definition. If this is not attainable then please watch videos at a lower resolution.
  • Firewalls: By default no content needs to be accessible via a firewall or VPN. However, we cannot control the default restrictions set by your internet provider or state.
  • Support device: The platform is accessible across any device that can connect to the internet via an internet browser. The experience is fully responsive and you will be able to access your account across multiple devices and pick up from where you left off.


Contact us

European Hematology Association | EHA Executive Office
Tel: +31 (0)70 345 5563 | E-mail:

Congress secretariat | MCI The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)20 570 9600 | E-mail:


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