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Clinical and regulatory implementation of CAR T in Europe

In addition to clinical challenges such as managing toxicities and other complications, the implementation of CAR T cell therapy poses serious logistic and financial challenges. Several speakers shared their experiences in implementing CAR T cell therapy in a European institution and addressed the challenges that they faced.

Some recurrent themes in these sessions were

  • The implementation of CAR T cell therapy calls for collaboration of many stakeholders. “CAR T cell therapy is a team effort,” said Dominque Tonelli from Gilead.
  • CAR T implementation calls for continuous training and education of those involved (also including the patient and relatives).
  • There is a need for more data about CAR T cell therapy. Physicians, pharmaceutical companies, HTA bodies, and regulators all need more data to understand which patients benefit most from CAR T cell therapy and which patients are at a high risk of complications. Many speakers advocated the use of high-quality data registries to collect long-term follow-up data on recipients of CAR T cell therapy.

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