Lymphoid malignancies and plasma cell disorders

The 23rd EHA Congress brought many advances in the biology and treatment of lymphoid malignancies and plasma cell disorders. A vast area was covered, from elucidating the mechanisms underlying oncogenic transformation to practice-changing clinical research.

Chemotherapy-free regimen in first line treatment of FL                    


Mutations in CLL patients relapsing under ibrutinib                    

3D genome dynamics in normal and neoplastic B cells

Epigenetic control of the germinal center reaction and lymphomagenesis

CAR T-cell therapy promising in young adults with B-ALL                       

Liquid biopsy in lymphoma                                                                     

Novel prognostic index predicts outcome in ALL                         

Epigenetic signature shows prognostic value in CLL                                                  

Consolidation with VRD improves outcome in newly diagnosed MM