CAR T-cell therapy promising in young adults with B-ALL

Young adults with B-ALL may be at higher risk of adverse events from the anti-CD19 CAR T-cell therapy tisagenlecleucel than children. Dr Susana Rives (Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona, Spain) and colleagues compared the safety and efficacy of tisagenlecleucel in 20 young adults (18-25 y) and 84 children (<18 y) treated in the ELIANA and ENSIGN trials. ORR was 70% in young adults and 80% in children, and median duration of response was not reached in either group. The safety profile was similar in both groups. Cytokine release syndrome of grade 3 or higher occurred at similar rates in both groups, and did not lead to fatalities. No cerebral edema was reported.

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Last Updated on Friday 03 August 2018.