Epigenetic signature shows prognostic value in CLL

At the EHA congress Professor Jonathan Strefford (University of Southampton, UK) reported the results of an epigenetic analysis of 605 patients entered into one chemotherapy trial, CLL4, and two chemoimmunotherapy trials, ARCTIC and ADMIRE. Based on the epigenetic signatures the investigators classified patient into three distinct subgroups, and demonstrate that each had different outcomes in the CLL4 and ARCTIC/ADMIRE cohorts. One of these signatures, m-CLL, was shown to be an independent prognostic factor for OS in the CLL4 cohort (HR 0.46, p<0.01), and for PFS in the ARCTIC/ADMIRE cohort (HR 0.25, p<0.001). Strefford: “DNA methylation analysis may aid in the identification of patients destined to demonstrate durable remissions.”

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Last Updated on Friday 03 August 2018.