CAR T therapy in aggressive lymphoma

According to Dr. Peter Borchmann (University Hospital Cologne, Germany), CD19 CAR T cell therapy has proven efficacy in RR aggressive lymphoma in terms of remission rates, with a significant proportion of complete remissions (ZUMA-1 phase 2 trial: DLBCL 38%; tFL/PMBCL 71%; Juliet phase 2 trial DLBCL: 40%); deep remissions seem to translate into prolonged progression-free survival. “Construct specific side-effects include CRS and neurologic events (NE), which can be managed safely, but requires specific infrastructure and staff training.” The products CTL019 and KTE-C19 are already FDA approved and will hopefully be available in Europe, but Borchmann stressed that follow-ups are too short for final conclusions and further clinical trials are mandatory.

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