Special sessions

Opening Ceremony & Awards

The 24th EHA Congress official opening took place on Friday, June 14, when Pieter Sonneveld, EHA President, opened the congress by welcoming a full plenary room to Amsterdam and his home country, the Netherlands. He reflected on the EHA activities in the past year and thanked all those who have contributed to the congress in various ways. He mentioned particular sessions and activities of interest like the 3rd YoungEHA Research Meeting, the Educational Exhibit, the 3rd European Hematology Exam and the 10-year anniversary of the Translational Research Training in Hematology.

The latest findings and groundbreaking ideas were recognized through a wide range EHA grants and awards. The Chair of the EHA Fellowships and Grants Committee, Sabine Eichinger awarded the following to promising young researchers:

  • Junior Research Grant - Annamaria Aprile and Antoniana Batsivari
  • Advanced Research Grant - Raffaella Di Micco and Renée Beekman
  • Physician Scientist Research Grant - Orna Steinberg Shemer, Delfim Diogo Ferreira Duarte and Anna Vardi
  • Research Mobility Grant – Julius Lukes Jr., Alvaro Sanchez, Barbara Kiesewetter-Wiederkehr

I hope we’ll hear from you again and wish you a lot of success and luck in reaching your goals

– Sabine Eichinger, Chair, EHA Fellowships and Grants Committee.

EHA24 Scientific Program Committee Chair Mariví Mateos bestowed the YoungEHA Best Abstract Awards to:

  • Clinical Trainee Award - Laura Hinze
  • MD-PhD Award - Georg Gelbenegger
  • PhD Research Student Award - Sofia Gialesaki
  • PhD Research Trainee Award - Saskia Rudat

Continue your hard work and I am sure you will win more awards. See you in Frankfurt, congratulations and thank you very much

– Mariví Mateos, Chair, SPC

EHA-Patient Joint Policy Symposium

Patient advocacy was on the table on Saturday with the EHA-Patient Joint Policy Symposium where congress participants heard the views of patients, professionals, regulators and industry, and given the chance to contribute to the discussion on hot topics surrounding access to treatment, patient-reported outcomes, CAR T cell therapy, clinical trials and drug approvals. Read more >

José Carreras Lecture Award by Michael Hallek