SCT and special therapy & Topics-in-Focus Immunotherapy

SCT and special therapy

Transplantation is a key instrument in the treatment of many hematological disorders and together with other special therapies including immunotherapy in many cases the only cure. A substantial part of congress presentations is dedicated to relevant updates in this important treatment option. For example, Ernst Holler presented on the influence of the microbiota on the development of GvHD after transplantation, and Annalisa Ruggeri on the prominence of unmanipulated haplo-HSCT for treating malignancies in adult patient.

Topics-in-Focus Immunotherapy

Since the kick-off of the Topics-in-Focus program in 2018, EHA and its partners have been furthering the programs related with CAR T cell therapy. Next to the well-attended EHA-EBMT CAR T Cell Meeting in Paris in February, a web portal -- -- has been launched at EHA24. This will be a central point of information on development, meetings and activities for all those interested in this exciting new treatment.

At the EHA congress a wide variety of presentations discussed the development of CAR T cell therapy in Europe, the USA and China, of which you can find a selection below.

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Ernst Holler | Microbiota and GvHD development: a double edge sword

Annalisa Ruggeri | Is unmanipulated haplo HSCT for adult patients with malignancies the new black?

Wim Fibbe | Immunobiology of MSCs

Bastiaan Haak | Impact of the gut microbiota on immunomodulation

Brian Koffman | EHA-Patient joint symposium (CAR T)

Andrea Bacigalupo | Progress in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in acquired aplastic anemia: Impact on choices for upfront therapy

Elisa Laurenti | Stem cells in steady state and under stress

Andrew Garfall | CAR T cell therapy for multiple myeloma

Fred Falkenburg | Targeting leukemia with HLA class II restricted T cells

Terry Rabbitts | From intracellular antibodies to antibody derived compounds targeting oncogenic proteins in leukemia