About the COVID-19 Hematology Hub

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a massive impact globally. Patients with blood disorders are affected as well, either by the infection itself, or indirectly by the impact on healthcare systems. These are stressful times, affecting both clinicians and researchers. If you are a researcher, your lab has most probably had to close, and you are working from home - a situation fraught with its own challenges.

The community needs you

The need to join forces and to collaborate is now stronger than it has probably ever been. Thus, initiated and further driven by our YoungEHA committee members, we have set up a Hub dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to hematology, so that hematology professionals can discuss challenges, share examples, support each other and find information easily.

The COVID-19 EHA hub is an interactive environment for health care professionals only and will allow you to:

  • Connect with your peers worldwide to discuss relevant developments and learnings
  • Request and share relevant material, case studies and results in a fast and concise manner
  • Gain support from your colleagues

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