Once you finalize your specialty training at a national level, you should be ready for the exam. Possibly you would like to improve on certain topics, for instance because your national curriculum doesn’t include certain topics, or because previous exam or progress test results showed that your knowledge on certain Curriculum sections should be improved. In that case, we recommend you to start with completing the Curriculum Passport. This can help you identify the (sub)topics on which your knowledge is at the recommended level and which (sub)topics would need attention. Then, you can look for learning material on these (sub)topics, to help you bridge the gap between your current competence level and the recommended European level.


Possible resources could be:

  • EHA Campus: EHA’s online learning platform, which includes interesting courses and clinical cases on many topics.
  • EHA Library: Here you can find material from EHA Congresses and other meetings, Expert interviews, and articles.
  • EHA Congress, Tutorials and SWG meetings 
  • Outside EHA, you may attend annual meetings and symposia of other hematology associations, and search the internet for free articles by leading experts, in addition to participating in learning activities at your institute.
  • Finally, it may be very helpful to consider talking with your mentor and plan educational activities or reflect on the topics you would like to improve on with your colleagues.

To practice for the exam, you can do the Progress test. This online test, modeled on previous European Hematology Exams, is available on the EHA Campus twice each year in March and November.

In 2022, 90% of the EHA exam candidates who took the progress test passed the exam.