Why take the test?

Why should you take the Progress Test?

  • It gives you a safe and private environment to test your knowledge and prepare for the official European Hematology exam.
  • By doing the test, you will be able to uncover where your knowledge gaps within the Hematology curriculum lie. Upon completion of the assessment, comprehensive results per curriculum section will be sent to you.
  • You will gain insights into your knowledge level in different areas of hematology.
  • It is a tool for continuous evaluation, where you will be able to measure the progress you make, from one year to the next.

Edu ProgressTest Infographic

Who should take the test?

We advise all young hematologists (trainees and early-career) to participate in this test. It could also be relevant for everyone who has an interest in hematology. The test is available for all EHA members. If you’d like to access the test, you can become a member. Junior membership costs only € 20,- per year