EHA Learning Center

An exciting online platform designed to expand your knowledge!

The EHA Learning Center is the official learning platform of EHA. In this platform, all of EHA’s educational resources are offered in a user-friendly manner. Online educational activities, materials from live events, scientific articles and many more, are frequently uploaded. This allows you to get the most out of your hematology training. Through the EHA Learning Center, we aim to serve the needs of a diverse hematological community through different ways of learning online.

Online education & live events

At this moment, the EHA Learning Center gives access to various materials such as: Clinical- and CME test cases, Congress webcasts, abstracts and periodically, expert interviews with world-leading hematologists to ensure that you are updated with the latest developments on various hematological topics. In addition, you can find the Congress Abstract and Education Books online.

You can easily use the search bar to navigate your way through the platform and filter materials by topic, author or date. All content on the EHA Learning Center is organized according to the European Hematology Curriculum to make browsing by only the topics of your interest even more convenient.

The EHA Learning Center is freely accessible to all EHA members. If you are not an EHA member, you may view the platform after creating an account but you can’t access most of the materials. So become an EHA member to enjoy the learning materials all-year round.

Visit the EHA Learning Center.