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Join the EHA Master Class Program as a Mentor: Guide Mentees through Clinical Case Studies


The application process to become a mentor for the EHA Master Class program is currently open. If you are interested in becoming a mentor and helping guide mentees  through clinical case studies, please apply now.

 Apply here! Registrations will close on June 30th.

As a mentor of the EHA Master Class Program, participants can expect to be divided into mentor groups of between 10 to 12 members each. Each group will have a senior physician as a leader and a former participant of the EHA Master Class program as a junior mentor. The mentors will support each other and one of them should always be available to respond to questions posted for their attention.

The Master Class program includes five (5) clinical case studies, each discussed over a four (4) week period. Each week new information about the case study is released, including questions from the case writer for participants to discuss in their mentor group. The information is hosted on a learning management system (LMS) managed by EHA.

The mentor group is expected to have a weekly call for an "in-person case study discussion” with at least one mentor joining. This call will need to be planned together with the participants to accommodate the different time zones and availability of both mentors and mentees.

The mentor group will submit a clinical case study report in the fifth week of each case study. The mentor will then share with the group the case writers’ report on the case study. When possible, a virtual call will be scheduled with the opportunity to either meet the case writer and ask further questions or ask another expert in the same field further questions on the therapeutic area discussed in the case study.

The mentors will assign a pass or fail grade to each participant at the end of the EHA Master Class program. Participants must actively participate in the program, work on clinical case studies proposed by the EHA in a group of participants supported by a mentor, take part in a weekly meeting agreed upon by the mentor group, and agree to contribute to a live written document to report on the case study submitted in the fifth week.

At the end of the EHA Master Class program, a certificate will be issued by EHA to successful participants, and EBAH points will be allocated. Participants will need an EBAH account to receive these points.

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