Classical Master Class

The Classical Master Class offers a balanced program with topics ranging from thalassemia and transfusion to thrombosis and hemostasis. It includes five study blocks over a seven-month period. Mentees are expected to solve complex and challenging cases presented by international experts. Each group is made up of five to six mentees of varying nationalities and a mentor who facilitates communication and monitors contribution.

The call for Classical Master Class 2019 is now closed.

What to expect from the Classical Master Class:

  • Six-month commitment to the Classical Master Class (September 2019 - April 2020)
  • Weekly participation in the online discussion within your group
  • Active participation in the five feedback sessions webinars
  • Contribution to the five final reports

Why join the EHA Master Class?

  • Experience new, evidence-based and exciting ways of learning
  • Learn from international opinion leaders in hematology
  • Interact with a small group of fellow hematology trainees and a mentor
  • Expand your international network
  • Receive immediate feedback on your contribution by the case author

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