In this page, you will find hematology-related meetings which are EBAH-certified. You can choose to see meetings per year or type in the menus below.


Nurses Haemato-Oncolunches

Sep 06 '19 - Sep 05 '19

Chairs: Aleksandra Babic
Bellinzona, Switzerland

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EBAH certified
Hematology tutorials

EHA-SAH Hematology Tutorial

AdobeStock 56746626
Sep 14 '18 - Sep 15 '18

Lymphoid Malignancies and Plasma Cell Dyscrasias

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


14th Educational Course of the Lymphoma Working Party

Sep 27 '18 - Sep 28 '18

Chairs: Silvia Montoto, Anna Sureda, Leyre Bento
Palma, Spain

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EBAH certified
Scientific meetings

EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Aging and Hematology

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Oct 12 '18 - Oct 14 '18

Aging and Hematology

Chair: D Bron
Location: TBC

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11th Hodgkin Symposium

Oct 27 '18 - Oct 29 '18

Chairs: Andreas Engert, Paul Bröckelmann, Sven Borchmann, Dennis Eichenauer
Köln, Germany

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