Welcome message

Dear colleagues and friends,

It gives us tremendous pleasure to invite you to the 4th European CAR-T Cell Meeting that will take place as a virtual event from February 10–12, 2022. The European CAR-T Cell Meeting has established itself as the prime event for basic, translational and clinical research in CAR-T cell immunotherapy in Europe. With this 4th edition, we continue a unique series that commenced in 2019 with the 1st European CAR-T Cell Meeting in Paris.

One focus will be on new clinical data and the latest clinical experience with approved and investigational CAR-T cell products. Another focus will be on cutting-edge novel CAR technologies and novel applications that go beyond the ‘classic’ use of CAR-T cell therapy in hematology and oncology. We are proud to announce Crystal Mackall, Carl June, Michel Sadelain and Stanley Riddell as keynote lecturers at the 4th European CAR-T Cell Meeting. The meeting program will be further spiced-up by interactive pros vs. cons debates and an expert panel discussion on the role of CD19 CAR-T cell therapy as a new standard-of-care in lymphoma. For the first time, we have included a dedicated biotech stream to present the latest highlights from innovators and biotech entrepreneurs in the CAR-T space. We have also set-up a scientific and educational program for nurses and study nurses, and a dedicated session for the EBMT Trainee Committee and YoungEHA Ambassadors.

We are particularly pleased that the 4th European CAR-T Cell Meeting has received a record number of abstract submissions with more than 110 abstracts from CAR-T cell researchers in 18 countries on 4 continents. The top-ranked abstracts will be presented as short talk oral presentations and in guided poster walks; the e-poster exhibition will showcase all of the exciting research work that has been submitted. We are pleased that several editors of top-notch international journals have accepted our invitation to co-lead the poster walks and to join the poster session. The 3 top-ranked abstracts will be honored with the Emerging Investigator EBMT & EHA Cellular Immunotherapy Research Award that comes with an award prize of 10.000 Euro each.

In order to provide an opportunity to present your latest data that are still ‘cooking’ either in the research laboratory or in ongoing clinical trials, parties could submit a late-breaking abstract between January 3 and 10, 2022. Selected late-breaking abstracts have the chance to present a short talk or participate in the guided poster walk. Submission is now closed, for more information the abstract page.

With all of these highlights assembled, we do look forward to a very high-energy 3-day program at the 4th European CAR-T Cell Meeting and to catching up with you in our interactive virtual meeting platform. In order to encourage young clinicians and scientists, patients and patient support groups, study nurses and nurses to attend the meeting, there are affordable registration rates and a group registration option. See your options and register today by using the link on the registration page.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either directly or through the EBMT & EHA CART22 offices.

We do look forward to seeing you at the 4th European CAR-T Cell Meeting!

Au plaisir de vous voir nombreux & Mit den besten Grüßen,
Prof. Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha & Prof. Michael Hudecek
Chairs of the 4th EBMT & EHA European CAR-T Cell Meeting