Abstract submission

The abstract submission is closed.
Abstract authors will be informed of the results shortly.


Abstract submission is an important part of the EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Integrated Diagnosis Strategies in Oncohematology for the Management of Cytopenias and Leukocytosis. As a participant you will have the opportunity to submit an abstract for this meeting, and (if accepted) have the possibility to discuss it with the international faculty and your peers.

A selection of abstracts will be eligible for acceptance during the meeting, the presentation format will be in the form of a poster. Presenting authors will receive an separate invitation.

Key dates


You can submit an abstract on one of the following topics:

  • Pre analytical and analytical considerations
  • Towards integrated diagnoses: Basics of morphology, flow cytometry, cytogenetics and molecular karyotype, molecular technologies
  • Normal and pathological hematopoiesis, from progenitors to granulocytes and monocytes
  • Morphology of granulo-monocytopoiesis: Normal, MDS, AML and MPN
  • Immunophenotypic exploration of erythropoiesis and thrombopoiesis
  • Lymphopoiesis, leukemia and lymphoproliferative disorders
  • Update on WHO 2016
  • New drugs/therapeutic approaches and personalized medicine
  • Patient’s follow up: MRD and detection of the emergence of resistances


The abstracts will be reviewed and allocated by the Scientific Program Committee. Submitting authors will be informed about the allocation before January 12, 2018.

Please note that the submission of an abstract constitutes a formal commitment by the author to attend the meeting (if the abstract is accepted) and if required present the abstract as a poster in the session and the time assigned by the Scientific Program Committee. We therefore recommend that submitters of abstracts to register for the meeting simultaneously with abstract submission.

Should you have any questions, please contact events@ehaweb.org.