SPC Advisory Board 23rd Congress


A Almeida, Portugal
M Andre, Belgium
I Aurer, Croatia
H Avet-Loiseau, France
Z Bagoly, Hungary
C Besses, Spain
A Buser, Switzerland
H Cavé, France
L DaCosta, France
O Hantschel, Switzerland
A Iolascon, Italy
G Juliusson, Sweden
P Kyrle, Austria
F Locatelli, Italy
JI Martin-Subero, Spain
T Mercher, France
M Mohty, France
R -A Padua, France
G Porto, Portugal
D Rossi, Switzerland
J Semple, Sweden
A Thompson, United Kingdom
J Trka, Czech Republic
A Vora, United Kingdom
E Zamagni, Italy


To ensure consistency and continuity 
To maintain the quality of the scientific content of the meetings 
To make proposals for topics and speakers 
To contribute to the final scientific and education program by input into selection of topics, speakers and abstracts


24-28 members


2 years

Frequency of meetings

Twice a year