SPC Advisory Board, 24th Congress


  • A Almeida, Portugal
  • M Andre, Belgium
  • Z Bagoly, Hungary
  • B Brenner, Israel
  • A Buser, Switzerland
  • MD Campelo, Spain
  • H Cavé, France
  • L Da Costa, France
  • O Hantschel, Switzerland
  • C Harrison, United Kingdom
  • G Juliusson, Sweden
  • A Kattamis, Greece
  • R Lassila, Finland
  • JI Martin-Subero, Spain
  • T Mercher, France
  • M Mohty, France
  • E Olavarria, United Kingdom
  • J Olweus, Norway
  • G Porto, Portugal
  • D Rossi, Switzerland
  • J Semple, Sweden
  • L Silvestri, Italy
  • A Thompson, United Kingdom
  • J Trka, Czech Republic
  • R Tooze, United Kingdom
  • N van de Donk, The Nethelands
  • A Vora, United Kingdom
  • E Zamagni, Italy
  • To ensure consistency and continuity 
  • To maintain the quality of the scientific content of the meetings 
  • To make proposals for topics and speakers 
  • To contribute to the final scientific and education program by input into selection of topics, speakers and abstracts

24-28 members

2 years

Frequency of meetings:
Twice a year