Election procedures

About the EHA Board

According to EHA statutes, the EHA Board consists of 15 councilors and must be a balanced reflection of the professional community in the discipline of hematology. Each member of the board serves for 4 years. The Board is responsible for developing the strategy for the association in a five-year plan, monitoring strategic developments and, if necessary, making changes.

Every year in October, the Board sets the goals and objectives in an annual work plan in conformity with the strategy. The Board meets regularly throughout the year to discuss and decide on the activities of the association in line with the annual work plan.

Are you an EHA member?

We need your involvement in the selection of EHA’s governmental body.

The call for nominations is now closed.


Nominating candidates is easy. Once the call is open, simply complete an online nomination form. Committed members actively working in the field of hematology, and eager to contribute to the EHA Board are welcome as candidates. You may also sign up as a candidate yourself.

Eligible members will receive a personalized email with the link to the nomination form.

The Nomination Committee will consider all nominations, keeping in mind that clinicians and scientists are well-represented.


The Nomination Committee will select candidates for the vacant position(s). They will be presented on the website including their vision and ambitions for EHA. All eligible members who have paid their annual fees will receive an invitation to use their democratic rights and vote for their preferred candidate per vacancy.

Should you have any questions regarding the nomination and ballot procedures, please contact nominations@ehaweb.org