Nomination and ballot

Eligible members have the privilege to influence the composition of the EHA Board. Use your democratic right as an EHA member and vote for your preferred candidate as new councilor to join the EHA Board.


The call for nominations is now closed. 


The Nomination Committee will consider all nominations, keeping in mind a balanced representation of clinicians, scientists, countries and gender.


The task of the Nomination Committee is to prepare the list of candidates for the ballot. The Nomination Committee will consider all nominees, taking into account the needs of the Association. Based on the results of the ballot, the new councilors will be appointed to the EHA Board at the Business Meeting.

All eligible members who have paid their annual fees will receive an invitation to use their democratic rights and vote for their preferred candidate per vacancy.

To find detailed information on the entire Board election procedure, please visit this page.

Should you have any questions regarding the Nomination & Ballot procedure, please contact

  • Lapsed members can renew their membership here.
  • New members can apply for membership here.
  • EHA Guests interested in membership, email ‘upgrade interest’ to