Junior Post-doctoral fellowship in the field of molecular erythropoiesis

09/15/19   Italy   University of Milano-Bicocca  

Job description

Position: Post-doc fellowship (2 years, renewable for further 2 years).

PI: Antonella Ronchi 

Project: Transcriptional control of early erythropoiesis.

Our laboratory is interested in the study of the molecular mechanisms governing the hemoglobin switching, i.e. the transition from fetal to adult hemoglobin during development. In particular, we are interested in the identification and characterization of transcription factors regulating the differential expression of embryo/fetal versus adult globins genes.

In this context, the specific aim of this project is to better characterize the functional role of the transcription factor NR2F2, expressed in in early hematopoieisis. We use molecular and cellular biology approaches, including chromatin immunoprecipitation, lentiviral-mediated overexpression and CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knockout in cell lines and in ex-vivo cultures from transgenic model mice.



Education required

• University PhD degree in a relevant discipline, e.g. biomedicine, biology or biochemistry obtained within the last 4 years (or within February/March 2020)



• Experience with basic laboratory methods in molecular/cellular biology 

• Fluent written and oral communication in English

• High level of motivation and commitment

• Ability to work in a team


How to apply

More information can be obtained directly from Prof. Antonella Ronchi: antonella.ronchi@unimib.it.