McCann uncovers clinical cases to make hematologists’ life simpler

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“Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

Prof Shaun McCann launched the third version of the book Clinical Cases Uncovered this year and this time, in an interactive format. This version contains 23 real-life cases and is currently available on the EHA Learning Center.

“Recently, I got an email from a cousin of my wife from NY. They did all these expensive tests because they thought she had leukemia. I asked if they looked at a blood film and they said no! My crusade is to make life simple. Start with simple tests and interpret the results properly. MRI and other expensive tests should not be the first investigation.” McCann said during an interview with EHA.

He explained that he keeps updating the book because therapy changes over time. “The book tries to make people do things in a logical fashion to be able to interpret investigations and make the correct diagnosis,” he added.

Clinical Cases Uncovered was first published in 2002 and is meant to complement other hematology materials with real life cases.  It is designed to aid student hematologists and those who are in training to recognize and understand hematological diseases. McCann consolidated the real-life cases during his teaching experience at Trinity College Dublin.

In this interactive version, each case is presented as a patient would present to the doctor.

“I go for real-life stories and encourage doctors to be detectives. Listen, examine and diagnose carefully. Conduct the appropriate investigations. We will present a new case every month,” he added.

Would you like to test your hematology knowledge on real-life cases? Check out this interactive version of Clinical Cases Uncovered.

Last Updated on Thursday 22 November 2018.