José Carreras Award

José Carreras, who himself underwent a transplant procedure in Seattle, USA, in 1988, was instrumental in setting up the José Carreras Foundation in Barcelona. The Foundation has established a program of scholarships for scientists working in the field. He has also personally supported many other clinical and basic aspects of hematopoietic stem cell transplant activity on both sides of the Atlantic.

The EHA-José Carreras Award was established to honor leading and active investigators in hematological research who have made a large contribution to hematology.

Every year, the EHA Board selects a winner. The award is presented in the Opening Ceremony of the Annual Congress, in which the winner is invited to deliver a lecture.

Candidature for this award alternates annually between basic scientists and clinicians and selection is based on a number of criteria such as the support of European Hematology, area of expertise, eligibility, other awards, gender and country of origin.

STZ 0021

Prof Ruud Delwel, winner of the 2017 José Carreras Award.

Previous winners of the EHA José Carreras Award