Institute where the research will be performed

A researcher at your institute is applying for an EHA Research Grant to support their research. For this application to be complete and eligible, the administrative authority of the institute is to submit via the specific application link for Institutes on the EHA website a Signed Statement of Institutional Support for the application in which it agrees to the terms & conditions as set forth by EHA (see Terms & Conditions). We invite you to scrutinize the Terms & Conditions. If they are not acceptable to the institute, the applicant should be informed and asked to withdraw their application. The name of the institute and the details of the administrative authority must be accurately filled in, approved and signed by an authorized representative of the institute, as this information will be used for the funding agreement.

How to apply for institutes

Access the application system here, you will be asked to open an account. Please make sure to complete the fields. 

After creating the account, you can choose ‘Institute Support for Research Grants 2018’ in the upper left corner. Be sure to follow the steps.

EHA Grants 03


The deadline for applications is January 11, 2018, 23:59 CET (Amsterdam). The applicant will be informed of the status of the application at given moments (please see the step-by-step guide). The winners will be announced early June 2018.