Nomination, Education & Mentoring Award 2020

In 2018, the EHA Education & Mentoring Award was established to honor those whose outstanding contributions to hematology education and/or mentoring deserve acknowledgment and acclaim.

The call for nominations is closed

Who may nominate?

Individual EHA members and Committees.

Who is eligible for nomination?

  • EHA members (or people who are willing to become one),
  • Open to all disciplines (e.g. hematologists, statisticians, researchers, etc.) active in hematology
  • Active in mentoring and/or education activities (no longer than 5 years ago).

Profile of the eligible nominee

  • International stature
  • Having established a “school” (e.g. experience of > 5 years in mentoring post-docs)

How to nominate?

  • Fill in the online form and attach a nomination letter (completed by the nominator, max 2-3 pages), which clearly and succinctly describes the nominee's accomplishments and activities in training/mentoring and his/her impact on the career of his/her mentees according to the award description.
  • Upload three supporting letters from mentees, providing testimonials about how the nominated mentor influenced their intellectual growth, their career development, and how they have been a role model.
  • Upload the nominee’s CV.

All eligible nominations will be reviewed by the Nomination Committee who will select one candidate for the EHA Education & Mentoring Award 2020.