Highlights from the SWG

Gina Zini leads a Faculty for morphological analysis of digitalized blood and bone marrow cells. In May she organized, chaired and gave a talk at National and International congresses focused on Morphology based diagnosis.

Starting from November 2017 she regularly attends the WHO meetings in Geneve as WHO Liason Officer for the ICSH (International Council for Standardization in Hematology).

In 2017 we had the annual session of the SWG during the EHA meeting in Madrid, on minimal residual disease (MRD) in acute leukemia with a talk on morphological distinction between blasts and hematogones by Andre Tichelli and two presentations on MRD by flow cytometry by Giuseppe Basso for ALL and Gerrit Schuurhuis for AML.

The SWG was invited to write an editorial for Haematologica according to the theme of the year "research". We also had the priviledge to present talks in Cairo at the HOPE meeting.

A large part of the year was devoted to prepare the 2,5 days workshop that took place early in February 2018 in Barcelona.

Both the chair and co-chair participated to several meetings during the year, including the flow cytometry school of Iuri Marinov in Prague in May. Finally, together with Anna Prowit (Lund, Sweden), MC Béné completed a book "multiparameter flow cytometry in the diagnosis of hematological malignancies.