SWG Educational Activities

Scientific projects of the EHA Lymphoma Group:

  • transformation of follicular lymphoma (M. Federico).
  • task force for improvement of clinical care for and research of elderly/frail patients with lymphoma, including initiation of a web-based international registry for elderly/frail patients (S. Luminari, M. Trneny, M. Federico) and the writing of a position paper on the subject.
  • HIV-related lymphoma (M. Hentrich).
  • marginal zone lymphoma (C. Thieblemont/E. Zucca).
  • the role of interim PET in DLBCL (J. Zijlstra).
  • validation of a predictive model for thrombosis in patients with lymphoma (D. Antic).
  • treatment of Burkitt and DH lymphoma (M. Chamuleau).