Highlights from the SWG

The most relevant and impactful activity in the past calendar year was the 2nd Workshop on TP53 Analysis in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, which took place in Stresa, Italy from 7-8 November 2017. This Workshop was a huge success, attracting 117 Participants from 25 different countries (including Brazil, India and Argentina). Please go to the Past ERIC Meetings Section on the ERIC website to access the presentations.

The most relevant advances included:

  1. The increasing relevance of the analysis of immunoglobulin mutational status as predictive marker to be tested in CLL patients to tailor treatment.
  2. The evaluation of the role of assessing complex Karyotype in the diagnostic work-up of CLL patients.

The top 3 follow-up activities that will be given priority in 2018 include:

  1. The organisation of the ERIC International Meeting, to be held at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Barcelona, Spain from 25-27 October 2018. This Meeting is expected to attract between 300-400 participants with an international faculty.
    Official website: www.ericll2018.org
  2. The publication in Leukemia of the Update of the ERIC recommendations on TP53 mutation analysis in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.
  3. The Certification Rounds for TP53 Mutational Analysis and IG gene sequence analysis (as a general rule, there are two certification rounds per year for each program. For IG sequence analysis, the 3rd round has just been completed and for TP53 Mutational Analysis, Round 6 is about to start.

Clinical trials promoted by or involving the SWG:
Observational Study to assess the efficacy and safety of Bendamustine plus Rituximab In patients affected by Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (clinicaltrials.gov identifier: NCT02491398).
A joint activity between ERIC and GIMEMA, in collaboration with the UK-CLL Forum.
Collaborations on international projects promoted by or involving the SWG and Translational Work promoted by or involving the SWG:

  1. Recurrent gene mutations in CLL: ERIC Project in Harmony (led by Richard Rosenquist/Lesley Sutton).
  2. Prevalence of BTK and PLCy2 mutations in patients relapsing under Ibrutinib (led by Paolo Ghia/Lydia Scarfò/Silvia Bonfiglio)
  3. Prognostic and predictive value of complex Karyotyping using chromosome banding analysis or microarray-based profiling in CLL (led by Kostas Stamatopulos/Arnon Kater).

Grants received by SWG related networks or principal investigators in 2017:
Financial support by Gilead, Janssen, Abbvie and Sunesis.