Highlights from the SWG

  • A Business Meeting aimed to approve the new structure of the SWG and to plan future initiatives was held in Stockholm, at the Scandic Hotel, on June 14, 2018.

  • Inclusion of the Gaucher Disease (GD) team within the SWG G&CMFS.

The Gaucher Disease team had formerly applied to EHA as an independent SWG. The team was invited to consider entering the SWG on G&CMFS and presented its program to Carlo Dufour and other members of the board of the SWG during the business meeting held in Stockholm. The GD team was unanimously welcomed to enter the SWG G&CMFS as a new task force whose leader is Prof Sam Salek from Cardiff (UK).

With this new entry, the SWG on G&CMFS is constituted by the following 5 task forces with respective leaders:

  • Leader: Prof Helen Papadaky, Iraklion. Greece
  • Leukemia predisposition genes. Leader: Prof Cristina Mecucci, Perugia, Italy
  • Ribosome diseases. Leader. Leader: Prof Kim de Keersmaecker, Leuven, Belgium
  • Gaucher Disease. Leader. Leader: Prof Sam Salek, Cardiff, United Kingdom
  • Constitutional Marrow Failure. Leader: Prof Carlo Dufour, Genova, Italy

  • Interaction with SWG on Rare Hereditary Hematologic cancers (SWG-HHC).

Within EHA, it emerged the need to create a new SWG fully committed to investigate the leukemia-predisposing gene field. Since a task force committed on a similar focus was already included and operating in the SWG on G&CMFS, the need arose to clearly define who does what in this specific field.

This issue was thoroughly discussed in December 2018, in a TC between Carlo Dufour, the Chairman of the SWG on G&CMFS and Marc Raaijmakers, who was appointed as Chairman of the new SWG. This TC resulted in a document, sent to the Board of EHA, that underlines that the two SWGs cover important, distinct, areas in hematology with tangible synergies. The document also defines competences, tasks and possible synergistic actions between the SWG on G&CMFS and the new SWG-HCC.

  • EuNet-INNOCHRON COST project.

This is an international European action aimed to divulge culture, clinical, laboratory and scientific experiences on granulocyte disorders through personnel exchange and educational meetings on specific topics. This project, whose PI is Helen Papadaky, has received approval for funding and is the primary goal of the Granulocyte task force (also chaired by Helen Papadaky) of the SWG itself and of great interest for EHA. In this view, in order to report on progresses and actions to take, an operational meeting will take place at the EHA office in The Hague on September 27, 2019.

  • SWG G&CMFS Oral session:

“The different faces of constitutional marrow failures”. 23rd EHA Annual Congress June 13-16, 2018, Stockholm.