Highlights from the SWG

The Scientific Working Group Immune Therapies for Hematologic Disorders was started in the middle of 2017 with the participation of relevant scientists working in the field of immunotherapy/oncology. So far, 3 EU projects and a network program have been established with the participation of SWG members. Interaction with the relevant pharmaceutical biotechnology is ongoing.

The SWG organized the EHA in Focus Meeting, a EHA SWG Meeting, the first European CAR T Cell workshop, and updated the EHA Roadmap on immunotherapy in hematological malignancies.

The top follow-up activities that this SWG will give priority to, are:

  • EHA SWG Workshop about the topic (preliminary) “Novel strategies of immunotherapy of hematological malignancies: from basic science to clinical application” during the EHA congress in Stockholm, 2018.
  • EHA in Focus Immunotherapy, Educational Session at EHA 2018.
  • Planned EHA SWG-Meeting in 2019 at EHA in Amsterdam.
  • First European CAR T Cell Meeting in Paris.
  • Second European CAR T Cell Meeting in 2020.
  • Completion of European guidelines on management of immunotherapy in hematological disorders.
  • New criteria of evaluation of response to immunotherapy.
  • Foster academic-industrial cooperation.