SWG Educational Activities

EHA-SWG meetings proposed in the past calendar year:

Patient Advisory Group Meeting was conducted on April 6, 2018 in Hotel Province Vacances Bleues, Opera, Paris. Among the participants there were hematologists, researchers, patient advocacies, and the patient research partner. The following topics were discussed: overview of the project on development of a PRO measure in HM for use in clinical practice, milestones of the development of a PRO measure in HM for use in clinical practice – HM-PRO, practical issues of the new developed tool HM-PRO.

SWG sessions at EHA congress:

Session at EHA congress 2018, entitled "Patient reported outcomes (PROs) as a common thread for optimizing offensive against neoplasm in hematology”. The Chair of the Session was Dr Esther Oliva (IT). The goal of the session was to inform attendees about the achievements in the field of measuring patient reported outcomes in hematology in daily clinical practice. Speakers were Anton Hagenbeek (NL) who highlighted the importance of use of patient-reported outcomes in hematology, Tatiana Ionova (RU), who focused on regulatory authority guidelines for development and use of PRO instruments, Pushpenda Goswami (UK), who reported on PROs in solid tumors and hematological malignancies, and finally Sam Salek (UK), who presented the milestones of the development of the new measurement tool using a novel approach for the assessment of PROs in patients with hematological malignancies- HM-PRO.

There were more than 180 attendees.

Clinical trials promoted by or involving the SWG: 

  • HM-PRO - The EUROPEAN HEMATOLOGY ASSOCIATION Scientific Working Group “QUALITY OF LIFE AND SYMPTOMS” Project to Develop Treatment–Related Patient-Reported Outcome Measure in Hematological Malignancies for Use in Clinical Practice-QOL-ONE PRO1G - Observational Study to Develop a Treatment–Related Patient-Reported Outcome Measure in Gaucher Disease