Highlights from the SWG

The activities of this working group could be described in the following points:

  • Promote the interactions between members of the group ( this is obtained during the meeting of the group as well as the general assembly during the annual Congress of the EHA. Furthermore by a lot of call conferences.
  • Promote the research activities
  • Promote the knowledge on the activities of the single partner of the group
  • Promote the interactions with other SWG of the EHA
  • Promote the counselling between members to solve unsolved clinical cases
  • Prepare recommendations and guidelines on the anemias and iron related disorders. We are discussing on the preparation of the following guidelines:
    • Rare inherited anemias and pregnancy
    • Atypical microcytic anemias
    • Iron overload in rare inherited anemias
    • Indications for the use of NGS in rare anemias