Highlights from the SWG

The activities of this working group could be described in the following points:

  • Promoting the interactions between members of the group. This is achieved during the meeting of the group, in the general assembly during the annual Congress of the EHA, and through multiple call conferences.
  • Promoting research activities.
  • Raising awareness on the activities of single members of the group.
  • Promoting the interactions with other SWG of the EHA.
  • Promoting the counselling between members to solve unsolved clinical cases.
  • Elaborating recommendations and guidelines on the anemias and iron related disorders. The preparation of the following guidelines is under discussion:
    • Rare inherited anemias and pregnancy
    • Atypical microcytic anemias
    • Iron overload in rare inherited anemias
    • Indications for the use of NGS in rare anemias

The vast majority of the participants of this working group are also involved in the ERN project EuroBloodNet.