What can I expect?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbpkmEMZzlw "The Spring Course has been the most valuable week in my entire career, not to mention fun and amazing!” - Tomer Itkin (2017 program)

"While the feedback I received about my scientific proposal has been immensely helpful, I firmly believe the career guidance that I have received during this TRTH year will be equally important in the long run. This year has marked a qualitative change in my early career from just finishing my fellowship training to embarking on a career as an independent investigator. Managing a team and running a laboratory are not skills that anyone is born with and like any other skill, need to be practiced and honed. Listening, watching and participating in career development lectures and workshops over this past year at TRTH put me in a unique position to maximize on any early success I have had during my training. Having a team of colleagues and mentors who I can ask for guidance and assistance is an invaluable resource that I plan on utilizing for the indefinite future.” - Elliot Stieglitz (2016 program)

Learning objectives