Overview of EHA's immunotherapy initiatives

The EHA Topics-in-Focus Program Immunotherapy (focus on hematologic diseases) addresses the needs of both healthcare professionals and patients, in all areas of hematology-related immunotherapy. This ground-breaking initiative aims to connect all stakeholders and harmonize education initiatives in immunotherapy education.   

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  • The EBMT/EHA CAR-T Cell Handbook
    • The EBMT/EHA CAR T-cell Handbook covers several aspects of CAR T-cell treatments, including the underlying biology, indications, management of side-effects, access and manufacturing issues. Written by leading experts in the field to enhance readers’ knowledge and practical skills, this handbook provides an expansive overview of the CAR T-cell technology and its application in clinical care.
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  • Useful websites
    • GoCART is a multi-stakeholder coalition collaborating to maximise the potential of cellular therapies manufactured from cells and tissues of hematopoietic origin
    • T2EVOLVE is a new breakthrough alliance of academic and industry leaders in cancer immunotherapy under the European Union’s Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)
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