EHA Campus

All EHA's online Education: EBAH accredited programs, courses, interactive formats, podcasts, clinical cases.

Lighting the Flame

With ‘Lighting the Flame’, we offer you the opportunity to get a clearer image of what the hematology specialty entails and, should you choose it, offer you a head-start in the field

Master Class

Online clinical preceptorship for hematologists, where challenging clinical cases are studied in international peer groups.

Hematology Curriculum

Comprehensive, detailed description of all hematology topics. The basis of EHA's education program.

Meetings & Webinars

Educational and scientific meetings, workshops, webinars

Hematology Exam

The European Hematology Exam takes place once a year. The 2022 edition will take place on Friday, June 10.

Progress Test

Online test, based on Exam, to identify knowledge gaps, track progress, and receive feedback to focus studies on.

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