EHA Diagnosis

EHA Diagnosis : an expansive, comprehensive library of expert-selected, covering major hematological diagnoses.
EHA members only.

Master Class

Online clinical preceptorship for hematologists, where challenging clinical cases are studied in international peer groups. For EHA Members.

Hematology Curriculum

Comprehensive, detailed description of all hematology topics. Free for all. Curriculum Passport is for EHA members only.

EHA Campus

EHA members only: All EHA's online Education: EBAH accredited programs, courses, interactive formats, podcasts, clinical cases.

Mentoring in research

For EHA Members : EHA strives to accelerate the careers of promising post-docs in translational or clinical research.

EHA Exam & Progress Test

The EHA Exam takes place once a year .
The Progress Test (for EHA members only) is an online test, based on a previous EHA Exam, aiming at identifying knowledge gaps.

Social Media Learning

For ALL: Microlearning in 4 formats, covering diagnosis, pathology, clinical schemas, and clinical cases within topics in the European Hematology Curriculum.

Lighting the Flame program

FREE: With ‘Lighting the Flame’, we offer you the opportunity to get a clearer image of what the hematology specialty entails

EBAH Certified Meetings

Hematology-related meetings which are either EBAH-certified or from partners of EHA.

Hematology Tutorials

Hematology Tutorials are courses aiming to provide laboratory and clinical hematologists with an integrated diagnostic and clinical work-up of hematological disorders.

EHA Open Access Library

The official digital education library of European Hematology Association (EHA)

Interactive Clinical Trial Map

This interactive map was created by EHA to help young researchers to visualize the main steps necessary to a successful clinical trial, from conception to finalization.

EBAH CME Accreditation

The European Board for Accreditation in Hematology (EBAH) stimulates and supports harmonized high-quality Continuing Medical Education in hematology.

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