Social Media Learning

EHA presents our own microlearning in 4 formats, covering diagnosis, pathology, clinical schemas, and clinical cases within topics in the European Hematology Curriculum.

Learning Mondays

Our "classical" Learning Mondays questions is also now in visual on our different online platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook). On alternate Mondays, you will find a hematological challenge to test your knowledge; answers and feedback are given the following week. Follow EHA on those platforms to view LearningMonday posts. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive biweekly #LearningMondays mailings.

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Thinking Thursdays

#ThinkingThursday are visual challenges proposed to our readers every other Thursday on our different online platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook). We offer schemas depicting clinical challenges including empty boxes where readers must guess the missing information.

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EHA Case

Every other Monday is a #EHACase day: we challenge our readers with a bite-size clinical case that can involve a patient's clinical presentation, blood count, imaging, or cell morphology. Check out our #EHAcase on EHA's Twitter account.

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Would you like to review diagnostic criteria, treatment guidelines or clinical algorithms? Monthly published QR cases, accessible on your phone scanning the published QR code, will guide you through the work-up and management of hematology patients in an interactive way.

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EHA Unplugged contains EHA produced podcasts covering hematology updates, interviews, discussions, monologues, clinical cases and much more brought to you by our experts in hematology. Visit EHA Unplugged and give yourself the opportunity to unplug from your screen and .

This podcast is available on the EHA Campus and on all major podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcast. 

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