EHA Pediatric Course 2019

Dates: April 3-6, 2019
Location: Hotel Riviera, Sorrento, Italy

There have now been 8 EHA-affiliated Pediatric Hemato-Oncology courses (since 2003) and the same course organizers hope to continue this program as it is the only such program available throughout Europe for this very specialized branch of hematology.  It is one of the paradigm hematology sub-specialties for consideration at a European level because within each individual country there are too few specialists and trainees to organize training on a national level.  The course philosophy of the course is to use problem-solving involving real clinical cases and linking basic science to the clinic.  The course organizers also aim to create a friendly and informal atmosphere to encourage exchange of scientific ideas for ongoing and future projects. 

The numbers of trainees and the size of the specialty inevitably mean that the number of course participants is always likely to be fairly modest and has hitherto been 60-70. 


  • Leukaemia (ALL, AML, MDS)
  • Bone marrow failure and Immunodeficiency
  • Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Consultative pediatric hematology
  • Red Cell disorders

Seminars on selected topics:

  • Inherited bone marrow failure syndromes as predisposition to MDS and Leukaemia
  • Lessons from Leukaemia Models for Therapy Resistance and Cell Death Induction
  • Gene therapy


Adriana Balduzzi (I)
André Baruchel (F)
Andrea Biondi (I)
Arndt Borkhardt (D)
Maria Domenica Cappelllini (I)
Josu De La Fuente (Uk)
Mariane De Montalembert (F)
Klaus-Michael Debatin (D)
Brenda Gibson (Uk)
John Grainger (Uk)
Achille Iolascon (I)
Shai Izraeli (Il)
Thierry Leblanc (F)
Ri Liesner (Uk)
Charlotte Niemeyer (D)
Irene Roberts (Uk)
Kjeld Schmiegelow (Dk)
Juerg Schwaller (Ch)
Jean Soulier (F)
Cornelia Zeidler (D)

Full Package Registration Fee: €600

The registration fee includes:

  • Teaching, lodging and living from Wednesday, April 3 until Saturday, April 6.

Further details (including preliminary program, registration form, etc.) will be provided soon.

For any further information please refer to Carla Manganini.

c/o Dept. of Pediatrics Univ. Milano-Bicocca
Foundation MBBM / Hospital S.Gerardo
Via Pergolesi, 33
20900 Monza, Italy
Phone: +39-039-233.6816
Fax: +39-039-233.6827