EHA Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Course 2024

Join us in Sorrento to develop your problem-solving skills and exchange ideas in a friendly and supportive environment.


April 10–13, 2024.


Grand Hotel Riviera, Sorrento, Italy.

Who can attend

The target audience of the course is:

  • Clinicians in pediatric hemato-oncology
  • Researchers active in the field, or who wish to enter it
  • Students and biologists working in hematology laboratories

What the course covers

This year's event will include sessions on:

  • Leukemia (ALL, AML, MDS)
  • Bone marrow failure and cytopenia
  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • Lymphomas and histiocytosis
  • Red cell disorders

You can find further details and information on specific sessions in the full course program.

Benefits of attending

The course is a unique opportunity to:

  • Develop your problem-solving skills using real clinical cases
  • Improve how you link basic science to the clinic

In addition, the course's friendly and informal atmosphere makes it easy to:

  • Make connections and meet useful contacts
  • Exchange scientific ideas about ongoing and future projects

Previous courses have also led to international exchanges — helping trainees to build experience in pediatric hemato-oncology by learning and working in diverse environments.

Course capacity

We expect the number of participants to be around 60 to 70.

This will ensure that sessions feel like a ‘class’, and will help to promote close interactions during the event.


The full cost of the course is €700.

This includes:

  • A participation fee
  • Transfer from Naples airport to the hotel
  • Three full days of accommodation in the hotel
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinners during the course

The registration fee does not include travel costs.

How to register

Registration closed on March 9, 2024.

If you have any questions about the course arrangements, email Carla Manganini.


The course faculty is as follows:

  • Andishe Attarbaschi, Austria
  • Adriana Balduzzi, Italy
  • André Baruchel, France
  • Andrea Biondi, Italy
  • Arndt Borkhardt, Germany
  • Maria Domenica Cappellini, Italy
  • Carlo Dufour, Italy
  • Mariane De Montalembert, France
  • Klaus-michael Debatin, Germany
  • Jean Donadieu, France
  • Brenda Gibson, UK
  • John Grainger, UK
  • Shai Izraeli, Israel
  • Thierry Leblanc, France
  • Franco Locatelli, Italy
  • Charlotte Niemeyer, Germany
  • Christina Peters, Austria
  • Irene Roberts, UK
  • Kjeld Schmiegelow, Denmark
  • Juerg Schwaller, Switzerland
  • Janine Stutterheim, The Netherlands
  • Ajay Vora, UK
  • Josef Vormoor, The Netherlands

Course sponsors

The sponsors of this year's course are:

  • EHA
  • F. W. Hempel & Co.

History of the course

Pediatric hemato-oncology is an important branch of hematology, but is highly specialized. Historically, this has meant that there have been too few specialists and trainees to organize national training courses within individual countries.

In 2003, the original EHA-affiliated pediatric hemato-oncology course was created to address this issue. Its main aim was to offer an intensive course for young pediatricians and pediatric residents working in specialized centers in the EU — and beyond. 

To date, the course has been held 10 times. The first three events were organized with the support of the European School of Hematology. More recent courses have been held in Sorrento with local secretary support (Monza) and supported by financial contributions from EHA.

Since the beginning, the courses have been designed and led by:

  • Professor Andrea Biondi (Monza)
  • Professor Irene Roberts (London)
  • Professor André Baruchel (Paris)
  • Professor Arndt Borkhardt (Dusseldorf)

Since 2022, Professor Joseph Vormoor (Utrecht) has also been a course director.