Hematology Tutorials

Hematology Tutorials are courses aiming to provide laboratory and clinical hematologists with an integrated diagnostic and clinical work-up of hematological disorders. 

The scientific program takes the participants through the diagnostic and clinical pathway with plenary lectures, interactively conducted clinical case study sessions and self-assessment sessions. The faculty is available to provide individual guidance to the participants throughout the meeting. The scientific program is designed to encourage interaction between the faculty and the course participants.

Tutorial Application Procedure

EHA supports and organizes Hematology Tutorials in co-operation with non-commercial third parties. Clinicians and scientists who are interested in organizing a Tutorial are welcome to apply. After approval from the Education Committee, the program is developed in close collaboration with EHA.

If you are interested in organizing a Tutorial in your country or region, you can apply by sending an e-mail to tutorials@ehaweb.org.

Upcoming tutorials


Here's an overview of the upcoming Hematology Tutorials, including details on the program and registration.


EHA-AHA Hematology Tutorial

Lymphoid Malignancies

Dates: October 18-20, 2019
Location: Yerevan, Armenia

EHA-ISHBT Hematology Tutorial

Dates: February 28-29, 2020
Location: Chandigarh, India

EHA-IRSTH-IPHOS-SHRC Hematology Tutorial

ITP, TTP and Sickle Cell Disease

Dates: March 5-6, 2020
Location: Tehran, Iran

EHA-Baltic Hematology Tutorial

Bleeding disorders and thrombosis

Date: March 20-22, 2020
Location: Riga, Latvia

EHA-Balkan Hematology Tutorial

Lymphoid malignancies

April 3-5, 2020
Tirana, Albania

EHA-HKSH Hematology Tutorial

Lymphoid Malignancies

Date: April 25-26, 2020
Location: Hong Kong, China

EHA-SAH Hematology Tutorial

September 11-12, 2020
Buenos Aires, Argentina

EHA-PTHiT Hematology Tutorial

October 2-3, 2020
Warsaw, Poland