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With more than 4,500 members from 100 countries worldwide, the EHA is the largest European-based organization that caters to all medical professionals, researchers, and scientists with an active interest in hematology.

Membership survey

In order to understand you better, as a valued member of EHA, members received an invite to participate in an online questionnaire. We like to thank the members who completed the survey. Currently the results and analysis are being processed.

Participants that were selected for the 50 free EHA memberships for 2019 will be announced shortly. The selected members will receive a personal email notification.


Being a member means:

  • Enjoying a discount to the sought-after Annual Congress and other meetings
  • Having unlimited access to advanced and real-time hematology knowledge through the online and interactive EHA Learning Center
  • Receiving regular updates about EHA and the latest hematological developments through the monthly EHA News (online)
  • Having access to EHA Membership Directory
  • Being able to nominate and vote in the EHA Ballot
  • Eligibility for EHA Congress travel grants
  • Publish at reduced cost in the new EHA open access journal HemaSphere

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