I would like to be an EHA Member

Our members come from all corners of the world – from a University Hospitals in India to research companies in Germany. The diversity of our members is a major asset; helping us better understand the daily challenges they are facing each day.

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Our members have the power to shape the hematology community. We help them do that. 

Joining the EHA community is easy. EHA recognises that every person's needs are different and has developed a flexible approach to membership to suit your needs based on where you are in your career. EHA offers a number of membership options.


What happens after I complete the form?

  • Within five minutes of submitting the completed form, you will have instant access to “MyEHA”.
  • You will receive an email with your login information and a password to access the Curriculum Passport and EHA Campus.
  • After reviewing your membership application, we will notify you about the status of your application within three working days via email.
  • In case you do not proceed and pay the membership fee, you will still be able to login to the website but as an EHA Guest.

What you need to know as an EHA member:

  • Your membership with the EHA is per calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.
  • Updating your profile and preferences in “MyEHA” is important so that we can reach you. 
  • Retrospective benefits are not available.
  • All members receive their annual renewal notice by email towards the end of November.

Are you eligible for a reduced fee?

  • If you are applying as a junior member, you are required to confirm your eligibility for the reduced fee of €20 with a copy of your passport or valid identity document to membership@ehaweb.org upon submission of your application.
  • If you are applying as a healthcare affiliated professional member, you are required to confirm your eligibility for the reduced fee of €90 with a signed certificate of employment to membership@ehaweb.org. The certificate must validate your employment status as a healthcare-affiliated professional.

Any new unverified application (reduced fee) will be charged the regular membership fee of €155 until verified.


*Reduced membership fees require verification. Please see above.
**Health Care Affiliated Professionals members are not entitled to nominate or vote in the EHA Ballot.