Education Committee

Current committee members

  • Konstanze Döhner, Germany (Chair)
  • Kirsten Grønbæk, Denmark (Vice-Chair)
  • Meritxell Alberich Jordà, Czech Republic (Councilor)
  • Antonio Almeida, Portugal (EHA President)
  • Nuno Borges, United Kingdom (YoungEHA representative)
  • Gianluca Gaidano, Italy (Chair Community and Stakeholder Committee)
  • Jose Tomás Navarro Ferrando, Spain (Chair Curriculum-Exam Committee)
  • Anna Porwit, Sweden (EHA Campus Working Group representative)
  • Harry Schouten, The Netherlands (Chair EBAH)
  • Marielle Wondergem, The Netherlands (Chair Education Editors Group)

Regular members

  • Kai Hübel, Germany
  • David Rees, United Kingdom
  • Ali Taher, Lebanon 
  • Ivo Touw, The Netherlands


The Education Committee (EC) promotes excellence in education for hematologists and related health care professionals around the globe by offering high quality learning programs online, in live meetings as well as through blended methods. Harmonizing hematology education is driving all ECs programs, activities and actions.

The EC serves as an advisory body to the EHA Board and works closely with the EHA Office and other EHA Committees.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Coordinates, integrates and promotes educations activities across all EHA initiatives, including EHA’s Curriculum, the European Hematology Exam, EHA’s online educational platforms and review and editorial boards, EHA’s Global Outreach program, with an oversight role on the respective committees. It also provides inputs to European Affairs, Annual Congress and EHA’s Journal and other relevant publications.
  • Guards the educational quality for all EHA educational programs including developing and applying criteria for this.
  • Manages and steers subcommittees restoring under the EC.
  • Actively contributes to the developing of educational programs.
  • Interacts with National Hematology Societies to understand their educational needs.
  • Maintains and exploits contacts with industry for the support of educational projects and programs.
  • Participates in meetings and calls.


  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. EHA President
  4. EHA Board member
  5. Chair Curriculum Committee
  6. Chair Global Outreach Committee
  7. Chair EBAH
  8. Member SWG Committee
  9. Member YoungEHA
  10. Member EHA Campus
  11. Member Online Case Unit
  12. Regular member
  13. Regular member
  14. Regular member


  • Chair and Vice Chair: maximum of 3 years
  • EHA President: maximum of 2 years
  • Members representing the Board or (sub) committees: according to rotation schedule of the respective (sub) committee/Board.
  • Regular members: maximum of 3 years. Reappointment once for maximum of 3 years.


  • 3 physical meetings/year
  • Regular conference calls
  • Retreat every 1 or 2 years