European Affairs Committee


  • J Gribben, United Kingdom (Co-chair)
  • E Macintyre, France (Co-chair)
  • R Chopra, United Kingdom
  • P Fenaux, France
  • A Hagenbeek, The Netherlands
  • U Jäger, Austria
  • G Merlini, Italy
  • JM Moraleda, Spain
  • P Sonneveld, The Netherlands

Advisory members:

  • P Kapitein, The Netherlands
  • D Niederwieser, Germany
  • N Bolaños, Spain


  • To serve and further the interests of hematologists and the discipline of hematology in Europe
  • Overall guidance, prioritization, initiation of advocacy activities


  • 1 Chair or 2 co-Chairs
  • Past President and President-elect
  • 1 representative of the EHA Research Committee
  • 3 advisory members (incl. 2 patient representatives)
  • Up to 12 members in total

One term of two years, renewable once (more if needed for representation in projects or networks)