Fellowships & Grants Committee

Current committee members:

Jean-Pierre Bourquin, Switzerland (Chair (EHA Board))
David Kent, United Kingdom (Vice-Chair (non-Board))

Regular members:
Sylvia Beà, Spain
Olivier Bernard, France
Niccolò Bolli, Italy
Tom Cupedo, The Netherlands
Michaela Fontenay, France
Julia Hauer, Germany
Antonis Kattamis, Greece
Elisa Laurenti, United Kingdom
Dimitrios Mougiakakos, Germany
César Nombela-Arrieta, Switzerland
Rebekka Schneider-Kramann, The Netherlands
Jürg Schwaller, Switzerland
Anetta Undas, Poland
Johannes Zuber, Austria


The Fellowships & Grants Committee (F&GC) is responsible for assigning EHA funding to talented researchers. The F&GC serves as an advisory body to the EHA Research Committee and works closely with the EHA Office and other EHA Committees.

Tasks & responsibilities:

  • Review and select winners for the EHA Research Grants, EHA Research Mobility Grants and for the EHA-JSH Joint Fellowship Exchange Program by
  • Being transparent regarding relationships with applicants, their mentors, their institutes, collaborators and competitors
  • Develop and follow guidance given for review
  • Follow guidance given for interviewing candidates, focused on quality
  • Timely responding to requests for review
  • Participate in conference calls for selection and review of applications
  • Review reports of grantees
  • Provide input for the Research Committee as to developments in hematology basic and translation research that might require support by EHA


  1. Chair (EHA Board member)
  2. Vice Chair (non-Board member)
  3. Up to 8 regular members


  • Chair and Vice Chair: max 3 years
  • EHA Board member: max 4 years
  • Regular members: max 3 year. Reappointment once for max 3 years.


  • Once a year during the interview meeting
  • Regular teleconferences