Guidelines Committee


The Guidelines Committee main tasks and responsibilities can be summarized as follows

  • Identify areas where:
    • Evidence based guidelines
    • Consensus based guidelines
    • Position documents

are needed, determine the methodology required for each item, engage with the appropriate EHA-SWGs to initiate the composition of the specific group of experts that will produce the guidelines

  • Identify organizations active in producing hematology guidelines (e.g.ESMO) for co-creation of guidelines
  • Set the rules for EHA endorsement of guidelines developed by third parties
  • Take final decision on EHA endorsements


The EHA-GC has an Executive group who coordinates the committee activities and directions:

  • Martin Dreyling, Germany
  • Luca Malcovati, Italy
  • Noemi Roy, UK
  • Saskia Middeldorp, The Netherlands

A group of Area Associate members is supporting the Executive group, with the aim of connecting and engaging with the different areas of hematology, as identified by the EHA Research Roadmap.

Its members (and respective areas) are:

  • Paola Bianchi, Italy (Anemia and related diseases)
  • Johanna A. Kremer Hovinga, Switzerland (Blood coagulation and hemostatic disorders)
  • Marco Ladetto, Italy (Malignant lymphoid diseases)
  • Gert Ossenkoppele, The Netherlands (Malignant myeloid diseases)
  • Carlo Dufour, Italy (Normal hematopoiesis)
  • Andreas Greinacher, Germany (Platelet disorders)
  • Simon Stanworth, UK (Transfusion medicine)


3 years (renewable for 3)