Research Committee

The overarching aim of the EHA Research Committee is to further strengthen EHA’s interactions with and relevance for the wider haematological research community by improving existing activities and developing new initiatives.

To this end, it coordinates, integrates and promotes research activities (basic, translational and clinical) across all EHA initiatives, including the Annual Congress, Scientific Working Groups, Fellowship & Grants, TRTH, CRTH, and EU Affairs.


  • T Green, UK (Chair)
  • W Fibbe, The Netherlands (Co-Chair)
  • J Cools, Belgium (HemaSphere)
  • S Izraeli, Israel (YoungEHA)
  • M Muckenthaler, Germany (Past SPC Chair)
  • K Porkka, Finland (Elected SPC Chair)
  • P Sonneveld, The Netherlands (SWG Unit)
  • M E Bernardo, Italy (TRTH/CRTH)
  • E MacIntyre, France/UK (European Affairs)
  • R Delwel, The Netherlands (Young EHA, TRTH, Fellowship & Grants)
  • S Eichinger, Austria (Fellowship & Grants)

3 years (renewable for 3), or depending on rotation in other committees.