SPC Advisory Board, EHA Congress 2025

Current committee members

  • Peter Borchmann, Germany
  • Veronika Buxhofer-Ausch, Austria
  • Ana Cvejic, Denmark
  • Andreas Glenthøj, Denmark
  • Maria Gomes da Silva, Portugal
  • Julia Hauer, Germany
  • Daniel Hodson, United Kingdom
  • Cristina João, Portugal
  • Sören Lehmann, Sweden
  • Karinna Meijer, The Netherlands
  • Jamie O'Sullivan, Ireland
  • Cristina Papayannidis, Italy
  • France Pirenne, France
  • Delphine Rea, France
  • Antonio Risitano, Italy
  • Sandrine Roulland, France
  • Barbara Skopec, Slovenia
  • Marta Sobas, Poland
  • Eduard van Beers, The Netherlands
  • Jakob Werner Hansen, Denmark
  • Petter Woll, Sweden


The Scientific Advisory Board support the Scientific Program Committee with regard to the creation of a scientific and educational EHA Congress program that encompasses comprehensive hematology, stands out in excellence and includes the latest insights and findings in hematology research and clinical practice.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • To maintain and further improve the quality of the scientific content of EHA’s annual congress program.
  • To make proposals for topics and speakers, based on quality.
  • To contribute to the final scientific and education program by providing input on the selection of topics, speakers and abstracts.
  • To actively participate in meetings and virtual calls.


  • 20-25 members appointed by the Board


  • 2 years


  • Physical & virtual meetings
  • Regular virtual calls